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Offering of Services Executive Chef Joe Vance, CWC

Chef Joe

My F&B consultancy goes through every point of a business, from the base camp where a concept is devised, all the way to the top for victory celebrations.

Concept Development – Chef can help clients come up with and fine-tune the idea for their future brand through analysis of their cuisine, target market, positioning and other factors.

Menus and Tastings – Chef Joe can take clients on a culinary journey through tastings and the development of unique menus.

Recipe Development – Chef Joe make our clients visions become reality, with easy to use recipe cards equipped with automatic menu costing calculation formulas.

Operational Strategies –Chef help define the clients’ products and services, identify customers and their needs, develop sales and marketing plans and more.

Kitchen Design – Chef Joe can help design kitchens as per the law of the land, in accordance with the necessary HACCP and ISO 22000 certifications and more.

Operating Supplies & Equipment – Chef can help source only the best gear for the job because every detail counts in the hospitality industry.

Recruitment and Training – Chef Joe can help gather the best team for your business from campaign management and screening through to selection, orientation, and training.

Manuals and SOPs – Chef Joe can develop complete sets of operating and training manuals tailored to each outlet.

Marketing and Media – Whether it be social media management or creation of professional promotional videos or photos, we have it covered.

Please contact us with your requirements and vision and we are happy to explore with you all that we have to offer.

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